R&D Tax Credits - Our Process

Our aim is to not only to advise you, but to support you by taking as much of the work from you as possible.

Our unique seven-stage plan makes the process of claiming R&D Tax Credits as smooth and efficient as possible. Although you will be involved in and control each stage of the process, we aim to take as much of the burden from you as possible, leaving you to run your business.

Our seven-stage process

Stage one

Stage one is our initial consultation with you. This may be in person or a short telephone conversation. This is an exploratory discussion to see if, in very general terms, you have the basis for a claim. We will be honest with you and if we do not think you have a claim, we will tell you. Your time is a valuable commodity for your business so we will no waste it on a claim that we do no believe will qualify.

Stage two

Once we have established that here is the basis for a claim we will arrange to meet you in person, either at your premises or at our offices, although the former is preferable because it will give us a better understanding of both your business and your potential claim.

During his meeting, we will:

  • Ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the qualifying criteria for R&D Tax Credits and how your product or service meets those criteria.
  • Ensure you understand the process for claiming and the predicted timetable.
  • Agree with you the format and content of the report and the information we will require from you.
  • Discuss the potential quantum of the claim and the various options for taking the credit as tax relief or surrendering for cash.
  • Discuss any affect the claim may have on the company's tax policies or position.

Stage three

We will draft the report based on the discussions and information supplied in stage two and discuss any points on which we need clarification.

We will provide you with a draft copy of the report.

Stage four

If required, we will provide you with a revised report following stage three. As a matter of policy, we will not submit any reports to HMRC without your sign off.

Stage five

We will submit the agreed report and any other required information to HMRC. We will deal directly with HMRC, but will discuss any points raised by the inspector with you, or your advisors when required.

Stage six

You receive a cheque for any relief which has been surrendered or tax refunded as a result of the claim.

Once the report has been agreed we will review any notices or calculations received from HMRC to ensure that they are correct, that the relief has been applied correctly and as expected.

Stage seven

We will review your systems with you to help you identify any areas of record keeping that may need adapting to support future claims and how the process for future claims may be streamlined.

The agreement of your claim and the receipt of your cheque is not the end of the process. We will plan periodic meetings with you to discuss on-going projects and record keeping to ensure that future claims are maximised.

Fiscale R&D Tax Credit Advisors - 7 Stage Plan

Success Stories

Fiscale are currently working with a company providing an on-line service to the property industry. They have spent several years developing their innovative software for which they have never claimed R&D tax credits. They have spent £300,000 on further developments to the software which it is envisaged will lead to a tax benefit to the company of over £75,000.


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